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We specialize in online instructional design solutions, helping higher education institutions, training companies, profit and non-profit organizations in creating, converting, and updating online courses and programs. FTD can create customized online training packages to meet your needs. Whether you are an academic institution looking to adapt to online learning, or an organization wanting to learn new tools for communication and performance, we can help! FTD will train your employees, as well as teach them the step by step process so that they can become trainers for your organization in the future. In addition to creating a customized online training package, listed below are some of the outcomes FTD provides.


Training Design

  1. Training materials

  2. Training delivery 

  3. Training evaluations

  4. Train the Trainer


Specific Objectives

  1. Pre training assessments with participants to establish a performance baseline

  2. Training materials

  3. Training delivery 

  4. Post training evaluations with participants to establish a performance baseline

  5. Post training data-based coaching session

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