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Fenwick Training & Development LLC. was founded with a single mission: to be the most professional, creative and helpful consulting agency. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop custom-made strategies. Though we’ve grown since our establishment, we’re still the same agency at heart. Let us help you make your dreams a reality.

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Get to Know Us

At Fenwick Training & Development LLC. we have an exceptional team of consultants with expertise in various areas. We’re committed to solving complex business challenges using the latest technology and data resources, combined with our creative and collaborative strategic approach. Meet some of our passionate and talented professionals right here.


Rick Fenwick, Ph.D.

Rick Fenwick has over 30 years of experience consulting with organizations.  His area of specialty is leading change in unionized organizations.  He has worked with manufacturing and health care organizations in implementing teams, stress management, and conflict resolution.  Rick has a Ph.D. in Organizational Development from the Union Institute and also works as an adjunct college professor. Rick has been teaching in the online format since 1999, and is an expert in creating customized online training packages.


Rick Fenwick Jr., Ph.D.

Rick Fenwick Jr. has consulted with and delivered training for multiple unionized manufacturing organizations since 2001, including team member, team leader, and management training.  He has worked with customer service organizations and specializes in customized training, team implementation, and negotiation strategy.  Rick is certified in Negotiation Training from Harvard Law School and has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Capella University. Rick is a Full-Time Instructor for Columbia Southern University and is trained in multiple Learning Management Systems. Rick specializes in online training, creating customized training packages for organizations.

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Steve Cady, Ph.D.

Steve Cady is a professor, author, speaker, and consultant. His change and organizational effectiveness work has taken him around the world in a variety of industries with organizations such as ConAgra, Alcoa Inc., The City of Toledo, State of Ohio, Marathon Petroleum Corporation, The Tavistock Group, Dana Corporation, and Chrysler. Dr. Cady is the co-author of The Change Handbook, the leading resource on today’s best methods for engaging large organizations and communities in complex change. In 2007, he is the founder NEXUS4change, a global community 8,000+ professionals that meet in person and online to advance collaborative change methods. His most recent work focuses on collaboration, innovation, and passion for work and life with his book Stepping Stones to Success and PBS DVD titled Life Inspired.

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Joan Bryant, D.M.

Joan Bryant is an accomplished human resource development professional with over 30 years of experience in training and development of labor and management employees.  Joan served as Co-Director for a Southeastern regional center for human resources that provided training and educational programs for over 14,000 active and dislocated employees.  Joan was the Program Design and Development manager responsible for creating and implementing onsite and online programs for internal organizational consultants, facilitators, teams, and team leaders.  Joan holds a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix and  specializes in team training and development.


Joe Gallo, B.S.

Joe Gallo has spent the last 10 years working as a trainer in multiple leadership roles within the customer service industry. Joe has experience working with large groups, including group facilitation, process implementation, and leadership training.  Joe has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Wayne State University and specializes in customer service.

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Peggy Vorderburg, MBA

Peggy Vorderburg has had a long and successful career as a human resource professional in a large manufacturing organization working with both union and management employees.  Peggy is skilled in teaching various communications, interpersonal skills and conflict management courses and has led workshops to transition to and develop teams in a lean environment.  As a member of the University of Toledo Working Council for Employee Development, Peggy assisted many small companies in Northwest Ohio with team formation strategies and implementation.  Peggy has an MBA from the University of Toledo.


Kevin Mahoney, B.S.

Kevin Mahoney has a background in auto manufacturing, retiring from General Motors in 2006 and served 10 years as a UAW representative.  Kevin has experience training groups both large and small in a variety of teaming skills and strategies.  Kevin also has negotiating experience from both union and management perspectives and has trained union and salary employees from both vantage points as well.  Most recently Kevin became a credentialed EPIC trainer and conducted training for healthcare employees.  Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Communications from University of Phoenix.


Carletta E. Griffin, D.M.

Carletta Griffin, a native Detroiter, recently launched Butterfly Strategies, LLC, an executive, business and personal development consulting firm. The firm's primary mission is to help its clients professionally and personally unearth their transformative process by utilizing their core values and targeted internal assessments. In addition, local campaigns have sought Dr. Griffin's consulting services. Clients are drawn to her passion for servant leadership, which was the impetus for her establishing a nonprofit in 2014 that is dedicated to contributing to the transformation of the city of Detroit. Dr. Griffin is also CEO of Dominion Disability Advocates, LLC, an advocacy firm that provides representation for clients seeking disability benefits. As a nationally certified disability advocate, she represents clients at all levels of the process to obtain their disability benefits. Dr. Griffin holds a Doctor of Management and Organizational Leadership and serves as adjunct faculty with the University of Detroit Mercy's College of Business Administration.


Violet Williams, DM

Violet Williams has an extensive background in Quality Systems Management, Lean Manufacturing and Strategic Business Planning.  After spending more than 25 years in a leading OEM automotive manufacturing company, Dr. Williams founded Vision Quality Consulting, LLC to utilize her experience as a Quality Director, in Program Management/New Product Launch and as Leadership Coach and Training Facilitator to assist clients with Strategic Business Planning, Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems and Team Problem Solving.  Vision Quality Consulting is committed to serve clients by exposing leadership teams and resources to principles, practices and methods to help clients go further faster.  Dr. Williams is a Subject Matter Expert in Built In Quality for Suppliers (BIQS) and has assisted clients in achieving General Motors' BIQS Certification on the first attempt.  Dr. Williams holds a Master's degree in Engineering from Vanderbilt University and a Doctor of Management (DM) degree in Management and Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix.

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C. Theodor Forde-Stiegler, MOD

C. Theodor Forde-Stiegler is following his passion for building synergistic environments through his creative and organizing talents with varied experience working in universities, governmental agencies, health care systems, and the global non-profit World Vision. He leads the virtual engagement efforts for NEXUS4change and facilitates collaborative engagements in onsite, online and hybrid settings. His experience as training provider reaches from care settings for individuals with developmental disabilities to classrooms in university and elementary schools. He holds an Executive Master of Organization Development degree from Bowling Green State University.