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Regardless of their approach, many leaders are distracted by all of the demands on their time. It is difficult for them to be focused in the moment. Leadership Presence is a training that teaches the mechanisms of mindfulness and how to apply them to leadership. It results in increased effectiveness including quality of interactions. It allows the leader to benefit from the strengths of their personality. The key is to be focused by aligning the mechanisms in the model. This requires the leader to have a high awareness of their values and goals. This provides a path to leadership effectiveness that integrates the leader’s natural style with the components that will increase their effectiveness. This is easier for the leader to accept than discarding their style for a new approach altogether.
As a result, a more effective strategy to improving leadership might be to focus on improving a person’s current leadership style by adding mechanisms of effectiveness as opposed to offering a new leadership style.



  1. Training materials

  2. Training delivery (1 day)

  3. Training evaluations


Training with Pre-Post Interviews

  1. Pre training interviews with subordinates to establish a performance baseline

  2. Training materials

  3. Training delivery (length of training identified in workshop)

  4. Post training interviews with subordinates to establish a performance baseline

  5. Post training data-based coaching session

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