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Most organizations have a history of operating with clear rules. Workers know what to do and they learn the boundaries. When a new program is implemented, it changes expectations and the rules for operation need to change with the program. Contract language is typically written at a high level focusing on general concepts. It lacks the details for how the program operates. Collaborative mediation achieves a commitment from both union and management leaders to an enabling structure for the program’s operation. It provides the guidance for workers to commit and ensures the program achieves desired results. The process also provides a way to keep the program current and sustainable.


Create an Enabling Structure

  1. Interviews are conducted with union and management leaders and influential workers and supervisors [approx. 3 days]

  2. Workshop with union/management leaders and key stakeholders to create an enabling structure (50-100 participants; approx. 3 days]

  3. Identifies workforce training [part of workshop]

  4. Identifies implementation plan [part of workshop]



  1. Training materials

  2. Training delivery (length of training identified in workshop)

  3. New employee training

   4. Training evaluations



  1. Interviews with joint leaders and key stakeholders

  2. Workshop for making adjustments to the enabling structure [2 days]

  3. Orientations for new leaders

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